Monday, 8 February 2016

When Do you need to consult with a Pathologist?

After over 2 decades in the field of Diagnostic Medicine I feel that a  patient should be able to really get answers to his or her questions regarding the report or the final product that is with him or her.

I agree that the reports need to be clinically correlated and dealt with but a proper understanding of the test, its limitations, the different reference  ranges ,  the analytical range of testing and the clinical reference range with each test kit and analyser are of prime importance

One should be able to address this.

I would like to hear back from the general public and fellow doctors on what they think about this

Dr Gandhi 


  1. Yellow sir, I agree with you and come across similar problems. If I think deeply, it comes to my mind that lab medicine has been commercialized largely.there is no similarity in the cost of test in various labs across India. I am putting up cost issue first because still in our country patients as well as physicians esp GPs are valuing cost effective tests rather than noticing the quality of test.
    Can't there be a system where a common price is developed for all the labs across India.This will solve many problems at a stretch.cut based tests, doctor shopping and largely it will avoid confusion among patients while choosing which lab to go.


  2. Very Well Said Dr Meenakshyee

  3. This is a really helping topic, especially with so many people offering the same service, we go to the wrong place and have problems later on. Will keep this post in mind.